AdsorbentsMolecular Sieves, Activated Alumina, Silica Gel, Activated Charcoal, Activated Clay and Super Siloxane Adsorbent Silica Gel provide an extremely high rate of adsorption and are most commonly used as desiccants.

Desiccants in pre-packaged bags include: Desi-Pak I & II® and Desi-Pak Tyvek® are filled with Activated Clay; Getter® with Activated Charcoal; Sorb-it® with Silica Gel; Tri-Sorb® with Molecular Sieves. Circuit Breaker Desiccant Bags are also filled with Molecular Sieves and can be custom made to fit your application.  ADCOA specializes in Bagged Desiccants.

Container-Dri II® is used to reduce RH (Relative Humidity) where an airtight seal is not possible, such as in a storage shed, for storing a car, boat or RV.

Orange to Green Silica Gel Grade 50 is considered environmentally safe. Silica Gel Grade 50 is the only acceptable Moisture-indicating Silica Gel approved for shipping into many European countries and is becoming more and more popular in the US and around the world.

ADCOA stocks a full line of Moisture-indicating desiccants. Blue to Pink: Type 4A Moisture-indicating Molecular Sieves; Grade F-6 Activated Alumina; Silica Gel Grade 41; Silica Gel Grade 42; Silica Gel Grade 43 and Silica Gel Grade 48. Orange to Green: Silica Gel Grade 50.  If using a non-indicating desiccant, find a selection of Moisture-indicating cards in our catalog.

ADCOA offers the following products:

Activated Alumina


Activated Alumina is an aluminum oxide that is highly porous and exhibits tremendous surface area. It is resistant to thermal shock and abrasion and will not shrink, swell, soften nor disintegrate when immersed in water. (more)

Activated Charcoal


Activated Charcoal (or Carbon) is a versatile and high capacity adsorbent of hydrocarbons, organics and odors. It is used for the removal of hydrocarbons from liquid and gas streams and the removal of odors. ADCOA stocks… (more)

Bagged Desiccants


ADCOA carries a full line of pre-packaged bagged desiccants in a range of bag sizes. In general, the volume of the container you wish to dry will determine the size of the Desi Pak bag required. Desi Pak is a low… (more)

Circuit Breaker Desiccants


ADCOA has had long experience in working with the major utilities and power circuit breaker manufacturers in the development and production of SF6 Circuit Breaker Desiccant Bags. These bags are designed to be suspended in the breaker… (more)

Molecular Sieves


Molecular Sieves are synthetically produced Zeolites characterized by pores and chrystalline cavities of extremely uniform dimensions. Other adsorbents of commercial importance are typically described as having “pore size ranges”. The pore sizes… (more)

Silica Gel


Silica Gel is the most widely known and most versatile of all desiccant products. The Silica Gel offered by ADCOA is of the highest purity (99.7+% Elemental silica). Chemical purity is of great importance as the presence of metallic… (more)

Container-Dri II®


Container-Dri II® is a line of specially designed cargo desiccants aimed at protecting cargo during shipping by aggressively absorbing moisture from the air. In doing so, Container-Dri II® reduces dew point temperature (the temperature at which… (more)

Humidity Indicator Cards


Humidity Indicator Cards are simple “hygrometers” that rely upon the reaction of a chemical agent impregnated on each card with water in the surrounding atmosphere to show within a narrow range of accuracy the prevailing… (more)